Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

School Administrators often stumble over each other in their rush to hire our Math Ed grads. It's a little embarrassing, so we look at a magazine and pretend not to notice until they've regained their composure. You might do the same. It's only polite.

Not everyone grasps the simple beauty and elegance of a perfectly expressed equation. You do. Not everyone can encounter a complex, real life problem, and know that it can be expressed mathematically and solved in short order, perhaps on a calculator, perhaps on their Tablet PC. You do. Not everyone reels and relishes the challenge the day they learn that there are, in fact, sizes of infinity. But you will. And that's exactly why we need the greatest Math teachers.

DSU's Mathematics Education major will prepare you to teach both math and computer science classes. Not only will you have a full fledged Mathematics Education major, but we also tie this major to a minor in Computer Science. You'll even have a K-12 certified technology endorsement.

We have a lot to teach you here at DSU, but one thing you already know: When it comes to being prepared to teach, you can't be over-prepared.

Possible Job Titles:

  • High School Mathematics Teacher
  • Technology Coordinator

Job Outlook:


What are the benefits of a DSU Degree?

  • Class size/personal attention (Faculty-Student ratio):
    • Small class sizes that allow for extensive student-teacher interaction.
  • Integrated Technology:
    • Computer technology is integrated throughout the curriculum with students learning how to use mathematical modeling software, a computer algebra system, spreadsheets and the Geometer's Sketchpad to analyze and solve mathematical problems.
  • What type of special opportunities can students take part in?
    • There is ample opportunity for students to be trained and work as tutors in the Math Success Center which utilizes a computer assisted instruction tool to deliver remedial mathematics classes.

Read more about the course requirements for Mathematics Education, B.S.E. at DSU.

Last Updated: 1/31/13