MSACS Specializations

Students must select one specialization which consists of five courses (15 credit hours). Specializations include CyberOperations, Software Development, or a Custom Specialization. The Custom Specialization offers students the option to develop an individualized specialization plan to more closely align with their own career interests. Students can chose from a list of elective classes to develop the customized specialization. Students may choose to take additional electives and more than one specialization if they want.

CyberOperations Specialization

INFA 723 Cryptography (3 credit hours)

This course covers fundamentals of cryptography and its applications, classical and contemporary ciphers, encryption and decryption and breaking ciphers. Cryptographic applications, protocols, applications of cryptography and automated tools to analyze cryptographic protocols are examined.

INFA 725 Advanced Network Hacking (3 credit hours)

This course is designed to expose students to advanced exploitation techniques. Topics include the use of automated exploitation tools as well as the process of exploitation discovery and development. Vulnerability analysis, debugging, fuzzing, shellcode, and mitigation techniques will be explored. Both Windows and Linux platforms will be covered. 
Prerequisite: INFA 734 or CSC 436.

INFA 729 Advanced Web Hacking (3 credit hours)
This course emphasizes offensive attacks that all web-based applications are confronted with. Special attention will be paid to attacks vectors in the operating system, web server, database, and programming language implemented by the web application. Advanced techniques related to filter evasion, session management, database interaction, path traversal, and file inclusion will be emphasized.
Prerequisite: INFA 734 or CSC 434.

INFA 751 Wireless Security (3 credit hours)
A technical perspective on maintaining the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of wireless networks. Covers a wide range of technical issues, including wireless communication fundamentals, wireless network configuration, security standards, wireless vulnerabilities, attacks and countermeasures.

Cyber Operations Electives (3 credit hours)
Choose 1 elective course from the electives list.

Software Development Specialization

CSC 716 Secure Software Engineering (3 credit hours)
This course introduces both theoretical and practical approaches to securing software engineering processes. Special attention will be paid to requirements elicitation andspecification of secure systems, secure software design approaches, secure software development best practices, integration of software components into secure environments and the configuration and execution of software security toolsets. Students will not only be exposed to practical approaches and tools to create and implement secure software, but they will also be exposed to cutting-edge secure software engineering technical research papers. It is expected students have a strong computer science background and are prepared to create, review, audit and exploit software packages.

CSC 744 Software Development Leadership (3 credit hours) 
A study of the activities that are needed to lead a modern software development project. Various methodologies, models, and tools will be explored. Students will also be introduced to codes of conduct and ethical situations that may arise during a project. Additional topics will include software quality, development practices, team dynamics, and leadership styles.

Software Development Electives (9 credit hours)
Choose 3 elective courses from the electives list.

Custom Specialization

Choose 5 elective courses from the electives list.


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