MSET Specializations

The MSET program offers two specializations: Distance Education and Technology Systems. These specializations are indicated on the official transcript. You can also get a K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement. Students who wish to choose one of these specializations or the technology endorsement must take designated electives as follows:

Distance Education

CET 747 Web & ITV Based Applications of Dist Ed (3 credit hours)
CET 749 Policy and Management of Distance Education (3 credit hours)
CET 769 Adult Learning for Distance Education (3 credit hours)

Technology Systems

CET 747 Web & ITV Based Applications of Dist Ed (3 credit hours)
CET 750 Multimedia II (2 credit hours)
CET 753 Network Management in Educational Institutions (3 credit hours)
CET 758 Advanced Instructional Programming (2 credit hours)

K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement

Individuals who hold or are eligible for teaching certification may earn the K-12 Educational Technology Endorsement by completing specified courses within the MSET program. These courses include:
LT 716 Systematic Design of Instruction (3 credit hours)
LT 731 Multimedia Production (3 credit hours)
LT 741 Introduction to Distance Education (3 credit hours)
LT 785 Research Methods in Educational Technology (3 credit hours)
CET 720 Evaluating Technology Outcomes (3 credit hours)
CET 726 Technology in the Curriculum (3 credit hours)
CET 751 Computer Hardware and Networking Essentials (3 credit hours)
CET 756 Introduction to Instructional Programming (2 credit hours)
CET 765 Leadership in Technological Change (2 credit hours)

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