MSHI Program Goals

The program is intended to produce master’s-prepared health informatics professionals for executive-level and enterprise-wide administrative, research, and/or applied health informatics positions. Graduates of the program will have the skills needed to manage information technology applications in the healthcare industry (storage, retrieval, and interpretation of patient care information) and to provide administrative support for the implementation and management of the complex information systems used in the health care industry. Graduates of the DSU program are expected to play a key role in the design, development and management of health information systems in healthcare-related facilities, agencies and organizations, in integrated delivery systems, and in interconnected, community-wide health data exchanges and regional networks.

Upon graduation, all students will:

  •     Be able to apply and integrate the fundamental concepts of information technology in a clinical setting.
  •     Be able to facilitate communication between healthcare providers and IT professionals implementing healthcare information technology (HIT).
  •     Be able to demonstrate a theoretical and practical understanding of the use of healthcare information.
  •     Be able to provide leadership in developing, implementing, maintaining, and managing information resources and systems in healthcare organizations.
  •     Be able to apply fundamental research concepts to support the use of health information in research projects.
Last Updated: 5/11/14