MSHI Program Requirements

The program requires 33 hours beyond the baccalaureate. All students must take the following:

Accordingly, the curriculum includes courses that provide a core body of knowledge and then a variety of electives that will prepare students to work in their preferred area (healthcare IT versus research), plus a capstone experience.

The proposed curriculum contains:

  • Core courses (21 credits): These courses build background and skills that should be common to all masters-level health informatics professionals.
  • Electives (9 credits): These courses can be chosen to match the student’s interests and career goals.
  • Capstone experience (3 credits). This capstone experience can take the form of a project, an internship, or a capstone, project-based course. (Students who are currently employed in the healthcare industry will probably choose the project. Those without experience in the healthcare field may prefer an internship or an additional, project-based course.)

Students who do not meet knowledge requirements in the healthcare or information technology areas will be required to take additional knowledge support courses. See the Knowledge Requirement section for more information.

It is possible to complete the program in four to five semesters of full-time study depending upon how the basic knowledge requirements are met. On a part-time basis, the time to complete will depend upon the number of credit hours taken per semester.

MSHI Courses are offered using a variety of delivery methods, including campus, teleconferencing, and Internet. Please see the Program Delivery section as this section provides more details.

Last Updated: 5/11/14