MSIA Advising Guidelines

Congratulations and welcome to the MSIA program! Please complete your plan of study (POS) and send it to your academic advisor at your earliest convenience. Please make sure to designate your specialization of choice.

If you absolutely feel you need to change the proposed POS please make sure you account for the prerequisites for the courses and the MSIA course rotation. You will need the following:

Please note the following:

  • If you need INFS 750, schedule it in the first available term it is offered.
  • If you need Financial Aid in the summer and taking INFA 701 only, the summer would be a good time to plan for an additional elective if you are taking the General Specialization so you can be at the required amount of credits needed to obtain Financial Aid.

Please rename the POS file as "POS-MSIA-<Your name>.xls" and send it to your academic advisor for review.

Last Updated: 5/28/14