MSIA Curriculum

Dakota State University utilizes the Defense in Depth model to provide a holistic view of information assurance, including people, process, and technology components. Effective computer security must consider all aspects of a computer system and any networks involved. Security professionals must have a wide range of technical expertise.

The MSIA Program will cover the following topics:

  • Principles of Information Assurance
  • Managing Security Risks
  • Data Privacy
  • Computer Forensics
  • Web Software Security
  • Offensive Network Security
  • Network Security/Intrusion Detection
  • Compliance and Audit
  • Introduction to Banking
  • Information Security Management Systems

The Master of Science in Information Assurance program curriculum was developed to address the technical skills identified by governmental organizations such as the United States Department of Defense and National Security Agency. The National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee of the National Security Agency have developed a common, agreed-upon body of knowledge to be covered in the information assurance area. The standards developed by the National Security Agency, known as NSTISSI 4011, were used as the model for the development of the MSIA program.

Last Updated: 5/28/14