MSIA Program Requirements

The program requires 30 hours beyond the baccalaureate.

All students must take the following:

  • Six core courses (18 credit hours)
  • A four-course sequence (12 credit hours) in a specialization. Specializations include Banking and Financial Security and CyberSecurity.
  • Certain courses will have a mandated lab component. Lab assignments may require specialized hardware and/or software, which will be available in specific computer labs on campus.
  • Students who do not have an undergraduate degree in computer science, computer engineering or software engineering will be required to take specified knowledge courses as a condition of admission. Actual coursework required will depend upon previous academic coursework.
  • Students who are lacking appropriate math coursework will have to take a DSU foundational math course (MATH 509).
  • All students will complete a comprehensive exam as part of their final Assessment Activity. Candidates for graduation will complete the comprehensive exam or within the appropriate time and dates given to the students.
Last Updated: 5/28/14