MSIA Course Specializations

The two specializations that you can choose from are Banking and Financial Security and General. Specializations consist of a three-course (9 credit hours) sequence.

Banking and Financial Security Specialization

INFA 741 Introduction to Banking
(3 credit hours)

A study of the history of the banking industry, recognizing the importance of regulations and laws pertaining to the protection of the financial sector and recognizing how the multiple regulatory agencies work in concert in addressing and maintaining availability, integrity and confidentiality of financial information.

INFA 743 Information Security Management Systems 
(3 credit hours)

Federal and state laws require organizations to safeguard non-public information. This course provides an overview of the information security management systems that organizational leaders use to safeguard non-public information. Topics include: 1) Information security law and regulation in the financial sector, 2) enterprise security management standards, 3) information security policy, procedures, standards and guidelines, 4) emergency preparedness, including business continuity, disaster recovery, and pandemic planning, 5) incident response planning, and 6) security awareness programs. The course begins by defining information security management program options, explores methods for operationalizing these options, and examine the future direction of each topic area.

Prerequisites: INFA 713 and INFA 715.

INFA 745 Compliance and Audit
(3 credit hours)

This course examines fundamental concepts in IT security audit and control processes for the financial industry, including the control framework, attendant control objectives and reporting systems for an organization. Students learn to create a control structure, audit an IT infrastructure against it, and establish systematic remediation procedures. As part of the learning process, students have an opportunity to be certified as a CISA (Certified Information System Auditor).

Prerequisites: INFA 713 and INFA 715.

General Specialization

Select three courses 600-level or higher from INFA, INFS, and the CSC prefixes.


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