MSIS Advising Guidelines

Congratulations and welcome to the MSIS program! Please complete your plan of study (POS) and send it to your academic advisor at your earliest convenience. Please make sure to designate your specialization of choice. You need a minimum of one, but can take more than one (Healthcare Information Systems, Data Management, Application Development, Network Administration and Computer Security, and General).

Key Guidelines and Resources:

Please note that the number of courses you take at any one semester depends on your expected graduation date and the amount of time you can devote to the program.

Additional Guidelines and Resources:

  • If you need the knowledge courses INFS 601 and/or INFS 605, please make sure to schedule it for the first fall semester you are enrolled in.
  • If you need to take INFS 612, please schedule it for your first spring term. INFS 612 is a pre-requisite for INFS 720 and INFS 734.
  • INFS 612 and INFS 720 can be taken concurrently.
  • It is recommended that you take no more than two courses as follows: one course of (730, 750, or 760) for the first summer session and one course of (752, 762, or 780) for the second summer session.
  • If you select the data management specialization, take 760 as early as possible.
  • If you select the networking specialization, take 750 as early as possible.
  • If you select the application development specialization, take 730 as early as possible.
  • INFS 780 should be taken as the last MSIS core class.
  • Make sure you schedule core courses that are pre-requisite to your specialization courses as early as possible, e.g., INFS 760 for the database specialization.
  • If you have a graduate assistantship, you need to register for 9 credits per semester. The only exception to this rule is towards the end of your program and when you register for project planning or implementation. In this case, you are allowed to register for 7-8 credits.

Please send your tentative plan of study (POS) to your academic advisor for review. Please make sure to rename the POS file as "POS-MSIS-<Your name>.xls". Once approved by your advisor, please make sure to send a copy to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research.

Last Updated: 4/27/14