MSIS Comprehensive Exam

Students completing Option A (project option) are required to complete the information systems exam. Student selecting this option cannot revert to the course-only option once the project has been started.

Students choosing Option B (course-only option) must successfully complete a three credit elective course (to replace the 3 credit project) AND pass the information systems exam. Students must pass all 6 sections in order to pass the exam. Candidates for graduation who do not pass the exam will be allowed two re-tests. The exam must be successfully completed prior to graduating. Student selecting this option cannot revert to the project option.

MSIS comprehensive exam guidelines

The exam will cover material from the 6 core MSIS courses. It is expected that students adequately prepare for the exam by reviewing and studying the material covered in these courses (lectures, slides, assignments, quizzes, etc.). You are responsible for “ALL” material covered in each course.

  • The exam is a multiple choice, closed-book and closed note exam.
  • The exam is comprised of 90 questions (15 questions per section).
  • The exam time is 3 hours.
  • Students will test in the semester in which they apply to graduate, testing will be offered toward the end of each semester. 
  • If students need to retest, testing will be available the next semester when testing is offered again.

Exam delivery:

D2L (Desire 2 Learn). Password protected. Your proctor will receive a password and supporting instructions for administering the exam from the Graduate Office.

The Graduate Office will email you with the dates in which testing will be available for you. You may take the information systems exam at any time during this period. It is your responsibility to ensure that your proctor is available during this period and for the duration of the exam. It is recommended that you set up a time with your proctor to take the exam early in the testing window so that if you have any problems they can be addressed within the testing window.

Proctor Guidelines:

Proctor Guidelines and the Proctor Agreement Form can be found below. The Proctor is required to send the form in to the Graduate Office, students cannot submit the Proctor form.

Proctor Guidelines

Proctor Agreement Form



Last Updated: 4/23/14