MSIS Core Courses

Required courses, to be taken by everyone admitted to the program, include six core courses (18 credit hours) and the information integration project course (3 credit hours). Core courses build upon the knowledge support courses or appropriate experience. The project course should be undertaken after the majority of core courses have been taken and the specialization started.

INFS 720 Systems Analysis and Design Using Case-Based Tools (3 credit hours)
A study of the advanced theory and practice of systems analysis and design concepts and techniques, with an emphasis on the design part of the systems analysis process. Computer aided software engineering (CASE) tools and Human Computer Interaction are also emphasized.
Prerequisites: INFS 601 and INFS 612 or equivalent.

INFS 724 Project and Change Management (3 credit hours)
A study of the principles and techniques used in managing information systems and organizational change projects. Project management software will be used in this course.

INFS 730 Web Application Development (3 credit hours)
An introduction to client and server side web programming. Client-side topics include HTML compliance and server-side code will be utilized to create dynamic web sites. There is a substantial programming component in the course.
Prerequisite: INFS 605 or equivalent.

INFS 750 IT Infrastructure, Technology and Network Management (3 credit hours)
A study of IT Infrastructure, systems, and networks according to the OSI model. Special consideration is given to Internet, Intranet, local and wide area network design, technical requirements, operation, and management.
Prerequisite: INFS 601 or equivalent.

INFS 760 Enterprise Modeling, and Data Management
(3 credit hours)
A study of the principles and techniques used in Enterprise Modeling, and Data Management. Topics include the architecture and techniques in designing and implementing enterprise models, database design and implementation technologies.
Prerequisite: INFS 601 or equivalent.

INFS 780 Information Technology Strategy and Policy
(3 credit hours)
Focus on the use of information systems technology to develop and maintain a strategic competitive advantage. Topics also demonstrate how Information Systems technologies are used to enhance organizational performance and effectiveness.
Prerequisites: Completion of all other core courses or permission of the professor.

Information integration project course
INFS 788 Information Systems Project - 1-3 credit hours
The Planning and Implementation courses are taken in sequence in separate semesters.

  • INFS 788: Planning (1cr.)
  • INFS 788: Implementation (2 cr.)
  • INFS 788: Continuation (1-3 cr. hr. repeatable if needed)

Special projects are developed to integrate the specialized skills and knowledge presented throughout other courses in the Masters curriculum. Practical knowledge will also be acquired through the application of theoretical concepts to actual computer systems problems and opportunities in a real-world situation. Prior permission and approval of the project is required.

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