MSIS Program Goals

The MSIS program at DSU prepares students to provide leadership in the information system field by providing high-quality state-of the-art education experience. The MSIS program at DSU will accommodate a wide diversity of student backgrounds and learning environments. The program will meet the needs of those individuals who are seeking to enhance their computer-specific knowledge by learning advanced technical and managerial concepts to facilitate professional enhancement. It will also meet the needs of those individuals who seek professional cross training in order to take advantage of new opportunities in the growing computer information systems field. Students graduating from the program will have a core knowledge if information systems (IS), ability to integrate business and real-world perspectives, interpersonal and team skills, and specific skills leading to a career in IS.

The MSIS will prepare individuals who will:

  1. Translate user requirements into effective computer-based systems and networks.
  2. Effectively manage existing information systems projects.
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of information systems, telecommunication protocols, and computer network theory, hardware, and practice.
  4. Understand and apply current and emerging computer software technologies including CASE (Computer-Aided Software Engineering), DSS (Decision Support Systems), Object Oriented programming, database management, electronic commerce, Internet applications, and network operating environments.
  5. Implement managerial techniques to measure and improve information systems efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Provide leadership in the organizational efforts to adopt new technologies.
Last Updated: 4/27/14