DSU Foundation Invests in New Home for the President

November 21, 2008  Written by Jona Schmidt

The Dakota State University Foundation has purchased a new home that will be used as the President's residence. The President currently lives in the Girton House, which is located directly across from campus. The house was built in 1896 and with the exception of a few short interruptions, has been the home of the serving Dakota State President since 1931.

Because of its age, the Girton House has some significant issues, the most prominent being the need for a new foundation. Earlier this year, a group of individuals from the campus and the community were asked to study the Girton House and access the possible upgrades needed to keep the home viable for the President's residence. The group made recommendations that would have meant a significant investment to upgrade the home to provide accessibility and to address the foundation issue. At the same time the study was ongoing, a home in the community became available. The owners indicated a desire to make a significant contribution toward the purchase of the home by Dakota State. The group took the offer under review, and the decision was made that purchasing the new home was more cost effective than repairing the Girton House.

The new home is located off campus near 9th and Division. It is equipped with a ramp from the garage providing accessibility. It also has space for large gatherings. Built in 2002, the house has a geothermal heating system and other energy and cost saving updates.

The DSU Foundation will purchase the home and a lease arrangement will be proposed to the South Dakota Board of Regents and the University. The Girton House will be used for gatherings and short term housing for visitors in the short term. The long range plan is to make the crucial repairs to the Girton House so it can be preserved and used by the University well into the future.


Last Updated: 8/12/11