Dakota State Hosts vDUSEL Symposium

Wednedsay, November 19, 2008  Written by Jona Schmidt

Dakota State University (DSU) is hosting a symposium on the Virtual DUSEL project Friday, November 21 on the DSU campus.

Representatives from South Dakota Governor Round's office, the Sanford Lab, Sanford Science Center, the Washington Pavilion and educators from across the state will be attending. Also included are representatives from the South Dakota Board of Regents, including Executive Director Dr. Tad Perry. Regional and national speakers will also be attending.

Virtual DUSEL (vDUSEL) is a web based outreach program being developed by scientists from universities across South Dakota. The project is headed by Dr. Stephen Krebsbach, academic coordinator for the Computer Science program and associate professor of computer game design at DSU. vDUSEL is a website that would allow users to actually experience the underground lab through various levels of interaction. A major focus of the site will be on k-12 outreach.

According to Krebsbach, Virtual DUSEL (vDUSEL) will be an organization of immersive virtual environments that allow visitors to experience the various aspects of the Sanford Underground Lab at Homestake and future national Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory (DUSEL).

The symposium is drawing on various experts to help design and implement the vDUSEL site and is being funded by the South Dakota Board of Regents.


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