Additional Documents Needed to Renew Driver’s Licenses

Students are asked to take note of the change in federal regulations for the process of applying for or renewing a driver’s license. The changes were put in place by the federal government in an effort to establish a more secure driver license system and to address concerns about national security, identity theft, and highway safety. The new regulations take effect December 31, 2009.

Effective December 31, 2009, to apply for a new, renewal or duplicate driver license or identification card you will need to provide the documents listed below:

ONE of the following to prove identity, date of birth, and lawful status:

• Certified U.S. birth certificate

• Valid unexpired U.S. passport

• Certificate of Naturalization

• Certificate of Citizenship

• Valid unexpired permanent resident card

• Valid unexpired employment authorization document

• Foreign passport with valid unexpired U.S. Visa with I-94

If your name is different than the name on your identity document, you will need to bring additional proof of your legal name. Acceptable documents for proof of legal name change are a certified marriage certificate (issued by a state vital records agency), a certified adoption document, or a certified court order authorizing a name change (such as a divorce decree).

ONE document to prove Social Security number. The documents below serve as proof of Social Security number:

• Social Security card

• W-2 Form

• SSA 1099 Form

• Non-SSA 1099 Form

• Pay stub (must include name and social security number)

TWO documents to prove your principal address. A parent’s proof of address is acceptable for a minor child. Please bring two of the documents listed below (each must contain your current address and have been issued within the last 90 days):

• Utility bill

• Credit card statement

• Pay stub or earnings statement

• Rent receipt

• Phone bill

• Transcript or report card from accredited school

The following must have been issued within the last year:

• Bank statement

• Mortgage document

• Tax document

• Homeowners/renter’s insurance policy

If you have questions, please check the State of South Dakota driver’s licensing information website at or call the central Driver Licensing Program office at 1-800-952-3696.

Last Updated: 8/12/11