DSU College of Education Meets Professional Standards

The College of Education at Dakota State University has received notice of renewal of their accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE.) NCATE currently accredits 632 colleges of education with nearly 100 more seeking NCATE accreditation.

NCATE-accredited schools must meet rigorous standards set by the profession and members of the public. “Meeting NCATE accreditation standards underscores the commitment the DSU teacher education program has to ensuring our graduates have been prepared as highly qualified educators,” says Dr. Judy Dittman, Dean of the College of Education. “The accreditation process is a very comprehensive process and involves reviews by external professionals, policymakers and representatives of the teaching profession. We use the final report to evaluate and understand our strengths and make changes if needed.”

DSU’s teacher education program received the highest rating given (Target) in Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of Curriculum and Experiences in Standard 4 Diversity. DSU teacher education candidates effectively design and teach lessons that meet the needs of diverse students, adapt and connect instruction appropriately and create positive learning environments for P-12 students.

Other areas of strength were also noted in technology. The report stated “DSU candidates are uniquely skilled at integrating technology into instruction in ways that are relevant and meaningful for students. They embrace technology as integral to the learning process for students in today’s society and are committed to incorporating new technologies as they develop and become available. Candidates are well-equipped to promote the effective use of technology in their K-12 classrooms. Technology strength was also noted for Faculty Qualification, Performance and Development. “Technology integration in all of the teaching and learning is a real strength. Faculty in the COE are provided with professional development opportunities to support their modeling of the usage of technology in teaching. All teacher education candidates graduate with a K-12 Educational Technology endorsement”.

“We truly appreciate the work of our faculty and university colleagues, our K-12 partners, and the support of our administration, alumni, students and friends in making this accreditation such a successful one,” states Dittman. “It is through their commitment that we are able to provide such a quality educational experience at Dakota State and we are grateful for their dedication.”

The College of Education at DSU first received NCATE accreditation on January 1, 1954. Reviews occur every 7 years, with the next review for DSU in 2015.

Last Updated: 8/12/11