WIST Scholarship Recipients Announced

Dakota State University has announced the recipients of the 2009 Women in Science and Technology (WIST) Scholarships. Winners were based on academic achievement, grade point, involvement in the WIST organization, and an essay.

The 2009 winners are Kristina Bendickson (Maple Plain, MN), Amanda Clobes (Aberdeen), Tosha Inhofer (no hometown listed), Jenna Lilyquist (Sioux Falls), Kara Pitchford (Salem), and Heather Specht (Hartford).

WIST is open to all female undergraduate students who plan to major in Biology for Information Systems, Biology for Information Systems Education, Computer Education, Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer and Network Security, Math for Information Systems, Math Education, Physical Science, Physical Science Education, or Scientific Forensic Technology. The purpose of WIST is to allow participants the opportunity to network with other women in science and technology-related majors, attend classes with the women in their community, and learn about successful women in science and technology fields.

DSU officials Dr. Cecelia Wittmayer, Vice President of Academic Affairs, and Carrie Ahern, Director of DSU Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment presented certificates to the scholarship winners.

Last Updated: 8/12/11