DSU Receives $5 Million Grant

Rep. Herseth Sandlin announced that Dakota State University is the recipient of a $5,687,168 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services to be used for the establishment of a Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center (REC).

“This funding meets the goals of the Recovery Act by investing in critical infrastructure that will reap benefits for years to come,” Rep. Herseth Sandlin said. “I look forward to working with Dakota State University as it develops its Health Information Technology Regional Extension Center, a critical investment that will improve health care delivery and efficiency in communities across South Dakota.”

Awarded through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), this funding will help grow the emerging health IT industry and support professionals ranging from nurses to pharmacy technicians to IT technicians and trainers.

The award will be used by DSU’s Center for the Advancement of Health Information Technology (CAHIT) to help health care providers in South Dakota implement electronic health records and exchange information in a secure, private manner.

The Center’s Director, Dan Friedrich, stated, “This is a very exciting announcement for South Dakota and DSU. Having this program within the borders of South Dakota will allow us to tailor the services that we offer and match them very closely with the needs of health care providers in the state.” Friedrich says this is important because ultimately all residents of South Dakota will benefit from improvements in health Information technology. “We look forward to the work ahead and want to thank all those who worked to make this a reality.”

“Dakota State University is very pleased and excited that we can provide this support for the state in the area of Health Information Technology,” said DSU President Doug Knowlton of the award announcement. “Our Center for the Advancement of Health Information Technology has worked very hard under Dan Friedrich’s leadership to promote our role and I am grateful to a number of people at DSU that have worked to make this happen.”

Last Updated: 1/12/12