Dakota State Marks Earth Day 2010

The Dakota State University College of Arts and Sciences is marking Earth Day 2010 with a program discussing the future of wetlands in the state and region. The presentation will be held Thursday, April 22 at 7:00pm in the Tunheim Classroom Building auditorium on the DSU campus.

Entitled Forty Years of Earth Days: Is it Time to Take Climate Change Seriously?, the program will be presented by Dr. W. Carter Johnson, Distinguished Professor of Ecology at South Dakota State University.

Dr. W. Carter Johnson has studied the effects of climate change on natural ecosystems, particularly wetlands, for nearly forty years. He and his research team have published extensively on this theme in science journals, culminating this year with the article Prairie Wetland Complexes as Landscape Functional Units in a Changing Climate in the February issue of the journal BioScience that gained attention from the national and international news media. The team is currently funded from the EPA STAR grant program to identify threshold temperatures beyond which wetlands would become non-functional. Dr. Johnson has degrees from Augustana College (Sioux Falls) and North Dakota State University (Fargo), and held positions previously at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Tennessee) and Virginia Tech (Blacksburg).

Last Updated: 1/12/12