Dakota State Receives $100,000 Bequest

Dakota State received a $100,000 gift for scholarships from the estate of as Philip R. and Eleanore Haskett. The Hasketts had a previously established scholarship endowment at Dakota State, and had been making contributions to the fund since the early 1990’s.

Eleanore McMillian Haskett passed away in 2009. She was a native of Madison, and a graduate of Madison High School. She attended Eastern State Teacher’s College for 3 years in the early 1930’s. She later earned a degree at Huron College and took additional college courses at University of Nevada-Reno. Eleanore was a teacher in South Dakota, Colorado, and California. In the 15 years prior to her retirement, she worked in medical administration at the Veterans Hospital in Reno, NV.

Philip R. Haskett was native of Gregory, SD, the son of homesteaders. He attended college at Southern Normal in Springfield, SD and later at Huron College. During his junior year at Huron, Philip learned to fly and was accepted into the Naval Flight Training Program at Corpus Christi, TX. He transferred to Pensacola, FL and was a flight instructor, later transferring to carrier duty as a fighter pilot. After military service, Philip earned bachelors and masters degrees from South Dakota State University and took additional course work at Stanford, University of California-Berkeley, and University of Nevada-Reno. Philip was a teacher in South Dakota, Colorado, and California. He worked as a research chemist for 17 years at the U.S. Bureau of Mines Rare Earth Research Center in Reno, NV. He held 10 U.S. patents for some of the work he originated in metal extraction and purification. In a letter dated 1993, he stated that “the most important thing is that South Dakota is a place of opportunity. The schools are the best. I have done graduate work at 5 schools out West, and the South Dakota schools are at the top.” Philip died in 1997.

Vice President for University Advancement Judy Payne said the gift underscores the affection many have for their South Dakota beginnings. “The Hasketts were from humble origins, and gave because they wanted to give others an opportunity for a higher education. They may have traveled far from South Dakota, but their hearts remained here. Their generous bequest will ensure that others will benefit into the future and perhaps be inspired to give back as well.”

Last Updated: 1/12/12