DSU Offers Workforce Development Training in HIT

Dakota State University launched the Health Information Technology (HIT) Workforce Development Training program in April and on September 27, DSU will begin to offer three non-degree workforce development training certificate programs; HIT Management, HIT Trainer and HIT Implementation and Support.  Each program is designed to provide additional knowledge and skills for those individuals looking to enhance performance in current roles or prepare them to move into new health information technology or electronic health record (EHR) roles.

The HIT Management program is geared towards professionals with a HIT background and preferably some administrative or managerial experience. 

The HIT Trainer program is laid out for professionals who have demonstrated advanced background in HIT and seek to gain additional skills and knowledge to serve as an HIT or EHR trainer in a clinical setting. 

The HIT Implementation and Support program is best suited for professionals who have an IT, HIM, nursing or allied healthcare background and who have interest in implementing and supporting HIT and EHR. 

Delivered 100% online, these programs will fit into just about any schedule and successful completers will receive a completion certificate from DSU.  

Please visit http://www.hittraining.dsu.edu/ and click on the DSU logo at the top for more information about each program, class descriptions, application, scheduling and pricing. 

DSU is offering an introductory ½ off discount to the first 20 people to enroll in any of the three available programs for the first round of sessions.  If you're interested in a group discount, we will gladly discuss that option as well. 

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provided the funding for The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) to ensure the rapid and effective adoption of Health IT.  The ONC predicts that in order to comply with EHR, an additional 50,000 health IT workers will be needed over the next five years, therefore creating the need to develop highly skilled HIT workforce to help South Dakota healthcare providers achieve meaningful use of EHR's and participate in Health Information Exchange.




Last Updated: 1/12/12