Dakota State to Deliver Computer Science Degree Online

Dakota State University will begin offering its popular bachelor's degree in computer science online starting this fall. This makes the degree program, already offered to students in Madison and Sioux Falls, available to a wider audience.

"Delivering this program using distance learning technology provides greater access to more students, and positively contributes to workforce development in South Dakota," said Regents President Terry Baloun. "Job demand in most computer science career areas is increasing, and information technology is one of the growth industries targeted for further recruitment by the Governor's Office of Economic Development," he said. "As a university system, we are glad to do what we can to expand the reach of this successful academic program."

There are no additional costs incurred by the university to offer the program online.  Non-traditional students in particular like the flexibility of online programs, which enable them to continue to live and work anywhere in the state while completing their degree, DSU officials said.

Last Updated: 1/12/12