DSU smoke free January 1

Dakota State University will implement a campus-wide smoke free policy January 1, 2011. The policy will ban smoking at DSU, including in buildings, on the grounds, in parking areas, on sidewalks surrounding buildings, and in state-owned or provided vehicles.

DSU President Doug Knowlton considered health risks and the total impact to the campus before signing the no-smoking policy. “While the policy may take adjustment on the part of some on our campus, the benefit to the greater DSU community outweighs any negatives,” said Knowlton. “Smoking has become a public health issue, and we see this as an opportunity to help our employees and students move to a healthier lifestyle.”  

Smoking cessation programs will be available to DSU employees and students, and Knowlton says the campus will make support systems available for those wishing to quit.

Enforcement of the policy will be a shared responsibility by all Dakota State personnel who are authorized and encouraged to pass on the new rules to others, especially visitors who may not be aware of the smoke free regulation.

Facility workers will remove all smoking receptacles from the DSU grounds during the December holiday break and post signage at entrances to buildings and other areas on campus.

Last Updated: 1/12/12