Capital Campaign Donors Revealedstraatmeyer

The donors of a $1 million gift to the capital campaign at Dakota State University have been revealed as Glen and Caren Straatmeyer. The anonymous pledge was originally announced in September, 2009.

The Straatmeyers decided to go public with their donation to inspire others to give. "Our reason for giving was simple," said Glen Straatmeyer, "we wanted to provide an opportunity for students to receive an education at Dakota State." They originally kept their gift anonymous because they had no desire to call attention to their generosity.

That changed, say the Straatmeyers, when they realized that letting others know what they had done could motivate more giving. Putting themselves in the spotlight is not something the Straatmeyers are completely comfortable doing, says Caren, "but we know how important the cause is, and we want to do all we can to encourage others to give as well."

The Straatmeyers are long-time donors to Dakota State, including gifts to the Champions Scholarship program.

Caren Straatmeyer is especially pleased with the relationships she and Glen have been able to establish with the recipients of their scholarships. This spring they received a letter of thanks from one such recipient which played a role in their decision to go public with their gift. "Glen and I have received such a sense of personal gratification from helping students," says Caren. "We hope to encourage others to give and have the opportunity to experience those same feelings."

Last Updated: 1/12/12