DSU teams top business strategy game

Dakota State University student teams participated in The Business Strategy Game http://www.bsg-online.com/ as part of their business administration class over the summer. The simulation tracks the performance of student teams worldwide, with the DSU teams participating against over 1,000 other student teams.

One of the DSU teams ended in a tie for first among the 1,093 teams worldwide. Two of the other DSU teams were in the top three.  

In The Business Strategy Game, 1 to 5 member teams are assigned to operate an athletic footwear company. Each company competes head to head with the companies of the other teams.  The teams make decisions on production, capital improvements, worker compensation, shipping and inventory, pricing and marketing, and financing. Each time a decision is made, the team can see the results online through a series of on screen calculations.  The game includes tutorials and online help that guide the teams through their decisions. 

The game is used as part of the business administration class at DSU to give students a hands-on approach to managing a company in a global market.

Last Updated: 1/10/12