Dakota State University hosts DakotaCon

Dakota State University hosts DakotaCon April 15 on the DSU campus in Madison.  The event, sponsored by DSU’s Center of Excellence, features speakers from the world of computer and network security, including one who has gained notoriety in the world of white hat hacking.

Moxie Marlinspike, who prefers not to reveal his legal name, is an independent computer security researcher. He is credited with discovering several high profile computer related security problems including the ability of an attacker masquerading as a website and tricking a computer user into providing the attacker with sensitive communications.  His presentation on this subject at the Black Hat security conference in 2009 caught the attention of security experts worldwide, and forced Marlinspike into the spotlight.  He will be sharing his expertise with students and faculty Friday at Dakota State.

Other presenters include Joe Grant, electrical engineer and President of Grand Idea Studio where he specializes in the invention, design, and licensing of consumer products and modules for electronics hobbyists. He is a former member of the legendary hacker collective L0pht Heavy Industries and has spent almost two decades finding security flaws in hardware devices and educating engineers on how to increase the security of their designs.

Jared DeMott is a Principal Security Researcher for Crucial Security Inc. and a PhD candidate at Michigan State University.  DeMott helps Crucial provide state-of-the-art technical engineering and security services to the most elite branches of the Federal Government’s law enforcement and intelligence communities, engineering solutions to meet their demanding requirements.  He previously worked for the NSA.

Matt Krick aka "DCFluX" is Chief Engineer of New West Broadcasting Systems, Inc., Operators of broadcast stations KGMN-FM, KZKE-FM, KYET-AM and KKAX-LP. He has worked in the field of broadcasting since 1998, specializing in all aspects of broadcast engineering, video editing and electronics.    

DakotaCon starts at 9:00am in the Tunheim Classroom Building on the DSU campus and is free of charge open to the public.

Last Updated: 2/21/13