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Dakota State University Earns Double Top 10 Ranking as Best Online College for Computer Science Masters

GetEducated.com, a consumer group that publishes objective rankings of the best online colleges, http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/, along the dimensions of cost and credibility has released their list of the top affordable online computer science masters for distance learning students nationwide.

Dakota State University (SD) earned a double Top 10 ranking for their online master of science in information systems (#5), http://www.geteducated.com/profiles/show/online-degrees/dakota-state-university/school-of-information-systems-graduate/211/1554/master-of-science-in-information-systems, and their online master of science information assurance (#10), http://www.geteducated.com/profiles/show/online-degrees/dakota-state-university/school-of-information-systems-graduate/211/1554/master-of-science-in-information-assurance

Online students nationwide will pay a remarkably low cost of only about $10,000 for the information systems degree and just over $12,000 for the information assurance degree.

By comparison, the average cost, tuition and distance fees included, for a computer science masters online according to the national survey of online college costs was $24,918.

Get Educated's rankings of the top best values in online computer science degrees, http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/best-buy-lists/online-masters-computer-science-it-degree, were based on a national  review of 70 regionally accredited graduate schools online which offer 142 online masters in computers, programming, IT, masters information systems, computer networking, software design, technology, computer design, software engineering, web security and allied career fields.

"A recent survey by the Pew Research Center on college costs uncovered that fewer than one-in-four people believe they can afford a college degree," says Vicky Phillips, founder of Get Educated.com, herself a first-generation college student who attended university on merit and need scholarships.

"Online learning promises to make higher education more accessible, but not all online colleges are keeping that promise," says Phillips. "In fact, much of the news lately has been about the high cost of online learning and student indebtedness at for-profit universities. Dakota State University, a public institution, offers online masters in the lucrative fields of information systems and information assurance that cost about one-half the national average. Dakota is a leader in making high-quality education more accessible through the innovative use of distance learning technologies. Dakota is a national leader in the movement to harness online learning technology for greater public good."

Dakota State University has earned several best online college awards for affordability. The distance learning division of the school also appears on Get Educated Best Buy award lists for the following high-quality, low-cost online degree programs:

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Multiple appearances on the Best Buy online college ranking lists objectively establishes Dakota State University as a top online degree provider for high-quality, affordable distance learning for students nationwide. "This is a great state school that offers laudable bargains in online learning. Dakota State University is a top pick for any computer or IT specialist seeking a high-quality, affordable masters degree online," says Phillips. Get Educated, founded by distance learning experts, brings transparency to the process of selecting the best online college degree programs by publishing unbiased data for consumers on online college affordability as well as reviews from real online students. The Best Buy list for online computer science masters is one of a series of online college degree rankings, http://www.geteducated.com/online-college-ratings-and-rankings/, published by the research firm in an effort to help consumers locate affordable online learning.

About: Founded in 1989 by higher education professionals, GetEducated.com is a consumer group that publishes objective online college rankings and online degree reviews from real students in an effort to highlight the best online colleges and degree programs in the USA.

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Last Updated: 1/10/12