Dakota State serves international students

Dakota State University is located in the middle of the Midwest, but has a reach that extends beyond the borders of the United States.   DSU's programs are reaching students in 19 countries including India, Pakistan, China, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

A large majority of international students are enrolled in the Masters of Information Systems program, and of those, most are from India. That program and its enrollment remains strong and vibrant due to the great success the graduates have had. "Word of mouth and the demonstrated success students have had is one of the greatest recruiting tools we have, "says Jacy Fry, DSU's International Programs Coordinator. "Dakota State has a handful of international faculty members who remain in contact with the university systems in their home countries and are a great resource for recruiting, as well".

Dakota State offers targeted services for those international students who choose to come to campus for their education.  Fry serves as their immigration advisor, and an advocate for the students on and off campus.  She helps with issues from their status as students, to employment, to internships, and if need be, help with English as a Second Language (ESL.)  "We have the Dakota State University Language Institute, "says Fry, "which provides English language training for those students who have been admitted to a program and do not meet the English proficiency requirement."

Fry feels the most important aspect to her job is to help international students acclimate to living in the United States, and especially in a rural setting such as Madison.  "Our job is to give these students an opportunity to have a positive social experience at DSU, along with receiving the education they desire from our university."

The DSU International Club was founded in the 1980's and is open to both international and American students.  The club's mission is to provide a network of support for international students and educate the campus and community.  The club sponsors International Night in April, giving the campus an opportunity to taste foods and view cultural activities from other countries.  The Club and the international Programs Office will be creating care packages to give to newly-arrived international students making them feel welcome in their new campus home.

Last Updated: 1/10/12