DSU student's research on display in Pierre mendez

Dakota State University student Jesse Paul Mendez of San Pedro, CA participated in the annual Student Research Poster Session in Pierre In February.

Mendez is a computer and network security major at DSU. His research is entitled Assessing Vulnerabilities and Drawbacks to the Smart Grid Infrastructure.  Part of the government's push toward green technology involves the Smart Grid, a combination of hardware and software controllers that allow operators to make informed decisions regarding power management.  The Smart Grid becomes vulnerable when placed on a large network.  Mendez's research uses a virtual model in a laboratory setting to identify weak points in the proposed Smart Grid infrastructure.  By simulating a variety of events and disasters, Mendez can identify the weak points in the Smart Grid.

Mendez became interested in computers as a sophomore at San Pedro High School and taught himself, using a computer that he rescued from the trash.  By the time he was a senior, Mendez had his own business repairing computers.  He came to DSU as a student in 2010.

The Student Research Poster Session has been held in Pierre for the past fourteen years, and has been sponsored by South Dakota EPSCoR and the Board of Regents. This event gives policymakers and other capitol visitors the opportunity to interact with students and faculty engaged in research activities on public university campuses to better understand not only how the research benefits the state, but how it benefits the education of students.

Photo (courtesy SDBOR) of BOR Executive Director Dr. Jack Warner and DSU student Jesse Mendez.

Last Updated: 1/10/12