Over 8700 South Dakota students on virtual road trip

Health EDventure, a K-12 health curriculum website sponsored by Avera Health, recently developed an online program that takes kids around the state of South Dakota without ever having to leave their classroom.

SD Road Trip is a unique program that allows students to virtually travel through various towns in South Dakota while learning healthy habits along the way. Students will visit 22 different towns where they will explore town and state history as well as complete a health challenge that relates to the town.

For example, a new stop this year is Garden City. Students are asked to try two new vegetables as their health challenge for the week. They will also play an online game that introduces them to many different types of vegetables. They will learn the story of "Little Fellow", a young boy and his love of railroads who died from smallpox. The history component features pioneer diseases and schools of the 1800's. The program targets students in grades 3-5 with an emphasis on South Dakota Department of Education's 4th grade social studies and health education standards. Currently there are over 8,700 students from 375 classrooms representing over 150 school districts in South Dakota that are taking this health-infused road trip. POET, a sponsor of the program, provides renewable energy content and spruce trees to each participating student. Dakota State University is also a partner providing website programming and graphic design for the virtual Travel Guide.

"The SD Road Trip program gives students the opportunity to not only learn about their state's history but to help integrate healthy habits into their lifestyle," says Marsha Kucker of Health EDventure.

For more information on Health EDventure or the South Dakota Road Trip program, please logon to www.healthedventure.org or contact Marsha Kucker at mkucker@edec.org

Last Updated: 1/10/12