WIST sponsors career day

Dakota State University’s Women in Science and Technology organization is sponsoring a career day, Monday, March 7 on the DSU campus.

The organizers of Women in Science and Technology Day are expecting 60 students from area middle and high schools, along with their teachers.  “Women are historically underrepresented in science, technology, and math related fields,” says Dr. Barbara Szczerbinska, Assistant Professor in the DSU College of Arts and Sciences.  “One of the best ways we have found to promote student interest in those areas is to establish personal connections between the students and professional women already accomplished in scientific and technological careers.”

The event will feature a panel of experts representing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.  Students will have an opportunity to interact with the experts, browse exhibits, and participate in hands on activities.

Attendance is limited. For reservations, contact Dr. Szczerbinska at 605-256-5183 or Heather Rissler at 605-256-5822.

Last Updated: 1/10/12