Dakota State partners with Advantenon to create Domestic Technology Center

Partnership brings mobile apps development center to Madison

Dakota State University and Advantenon announce their partnership to create the Domestic Technology Center in Madison, S.D. The partnership involves training DSU seniors in the latest mobile application development tools, with transition to Advantenon employees that are already experienced in mobile application development.

“Dakota State University, and our computer science students and faculty, are excited to be entering into a partnership with Advantenon,” said Dr. David Borofsky, President of Dakota State University in Madison, S.D. “We are always looking for ways to give our students real world experiences that will grow their capabilities, which this partnership provides.  Advantenon is a quality company with just the right kind of opportunities for our students and University.  We are excited and proud that they chose us to assist them in their growth.”

For two years, Advantenon has led the way for enterprise level mobile applications in the upper Midwest. Now, with their new development center, Advantenon will expand delivery capabilities to provide organizations the flexibility of U.S. based time zones and provide value by leveraging professional technical capabilities located in non-urban markets. This strategy will offer organizations alternative and competitive delivery models to the traditional offshoring models currently utilized.

Julie Gross, Executive Director of the Lake Area Improvement Corporation said, “The Lake Area Improvement Corporation is pleased Advantenon has chosen Madison to grow their business.  They have an excellent business model and we look forward to working with them in their expansion.” 

“I couldn’t be more pleased that Advantenon has decided to grow its business in Madison,” said Pat Costello, commissioner, Governor’s Office of Economic Development. “Advantenon’s partnership with DSU students and faculty will make it a valuable asset not only to the Madison and the DSU communities, but South Dakota as well.”

Advantenon has open positions and is actively looking to hire in Madison. This is all part of building what they perceive as a strong leg in their three part outsourcing model:

1. Senior talent on site and in house, running mobile, cloud and management consulting
2. Local on and offsite developers who provide flexibility in short notice, rapid deployment in mockups and proof of concept rollouts
3. The Domestic Technology Center where junior and mid-level development talent offers lower cost, high output development

This helps Advantenon clients get the best of all worlds: strong senior talent when its needed, lower cost talent when it isn't, and no overnight calls to get projects back on track. 

Advantenon develops high-value mobile enterprise applications.

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Last Updated: 11/1/12