Dakota State students start their business careers before graduation

DSU students in the College of Business and Information Systems are not waiting until graduation to receive hands-on experience in their business careers.  Many students take advantage of a growing number of businesses that are offering internship positions, whether their major requires the internship or not.

Kasey Younie, a senior business management major from Wessington Springs S.D., currently interns at The Quilt Shop in Chamberlain, S.D. She sees this as a chance to expand her knowledge in the business world and learn more about office management.

“Internships are a great opportunity for students to gain hands-on learning in the real world, and acquire skills in their area of study,” says Younie.

Younie is not the only one who is benefiting from the internship this summer. Sonya Kroupa and Linda Wieser, co-owners of The Quilt Shop, feel that the experience is a positive one that has allowed everyone involved to learn more about the current business world.

“I believe that her input in our management is as important to us as our input is to her while she is learning management skills. She has an opinion and can explain why she came to that conclusion,” said Kroupa and Wieser. “The experience is well worth our time. We have a great DSU student.”

The Quilt Shop also values the technology expertise that Younie brings to the company. She uses publication software to develop new rack flyers for visitor centers and  has been working on developing The Quilt Shop’s website to include online sales of their products.

Younie will continue her internship this summer, where she will learn a little more about The Quilt Shop’s management style and participate in work experiences as well as the day to day events encountered in the organization.

Another DSU student that is taking advantage of an internship this summer is Tessa Kost from Parkston, S.D. Kost, who will be a junior accounting major this fall, interns at Central Farmers Coop/FREMAR LLC in Marion, S.D.

The internship provides her with more knowledge on how accounting and bookkeeping works in real life situations. While internships are encouraged for business students, Kost is part of the Center of Excellence Honors program which requires the students to have a capstone project which can include an internship.

“I have been learning everything that I need to know for my major. I absolutely love it here,” says Kost.

Brent Edwards, CFO of Central Farmers Coop/FREMAR LCC, is also very passionate about helping students achieve their goals through internship opportunities. “Central Farmers is committed to and proud to be part of the education of the people who are the future of agriculture and agribusiness.”

DSU students from all different majors and backgrounds participate in internships, both on and off campus.  These internships provide real-world experiences that they can use in the remainder of their courses.  Internship completion also contributes to career search success after graduation.  The large number of DSU students completing internships helps explain why DSU’s graduating class of 2011 had a 94% career placement in their field of study. A college education plus on-the-job experience means that employers can hire with confidence.

Other students participating in business internships this summer include:

Cassie Zomer, a senior elementary education/business education major from Sioux Falls, S.D., who is interning at Zomer Bros. Trucking in Sioux Falls, S.D.

Vidur Bhalla, a senior professional accountancy/business finance and management from New Delhi, India, who is interning at Lucas, Horsfall, Murphy & Pindroh, LLP in Pasadena, Calif.

Last Updated: 6/26/12