DakotaCon returns with finest in cyber-security

DakotaCon returns to the DSU campus on Friday, Saturday and Sunday April 27th, 28th and 29th with free presentations on Friday from nationally recognized speakers from the world of cyber-security including Hattrick, Moxie Marlinspike, Jon McCoy, Jeff Bullock, Joe Grand, Jared DeMott and hubris.

Session titles include “Hacking Terrorists Networks Logically and Emotionally v1.1,” “My Time with Android,” San Francisco Parking Meter Hacking” and "SSL and the Future of Authenticity”, which was widely considered the best presentation at Black Hat and DefCon 2011. 

Saturday and Sunday will hold all day seminars featuring Joe Grand on Saturday, “Hands-On Hardware Hacking and Reverse Engineering” and Jon McCoy on Sunday, “Reverse Engineering C# - The Black Arts Class.” There are still seats available for the Sunday seminar, logon to www.dakotacon.org to register.

Sponsors of the event include Chenega Logistics, CoSentry, First Premier Bank and Premier Bankcard, CHR Solutions, Vantage Point, Infogressive, Dakota State University and DSU Center of Excellence in Computer Information Systems. If your organization would like to sponsor DakotaCon, please contact josh.pauli@dsu.edu



Last Updated: 5/23/12