Dakota State University Celebrates National Health IT Week September 10-14, 2012

Health information technology improves the quality of healthcare delivery, increases patient safety, decreases medical errors, and strengthens the interaction between patients and healthcare providers.

To mark the important role health information technology plays in improving healthcare delivery in America, Dakota State University and others across the U.S. have joined together to celebrate National Health Information Technology (NHIT) Week , September 10-14, 2012, with the theme: One Voice, One Vision: Transforming Health and Care.

 “Our participation in National Health IT Week highlights our organization’s commitment to ensure health information technology is integrated, interactive, interoperable, and intelligent to provide the best patient outcomes, said Dr. David Borofsky, DSU’s President. “Our Health Information Management Programs along with the Center for the Advancement of Health IT (CAHIT) and its many initiatives, including HealthPOINT, are working with our state's providers to leverage health information technology for the betterment of our healthcare system.”

Dakota State University invites you to participate in the opening session of the 2012 Consumer Health IT Summit: Expanding Access to Health Information which will be live streamed from Washington, DC on Monday, September 10th beginning at 9:00 a.m. 

Participants in the webcast will learn about the latest private and public sector initiatives to expand consumer access to and use of personal health information. If you would like to know more about the part you play as a patient/consumer in this age of electronic health information, please join us in TCB Room 203 on the DSU campus or visit www.hhs.gov/live to view the webcast. This event is free and open to the public. 

For additional information about National Health IT Week, visit www.healthitweek.org/ .

Last Updated: 11/1/12