HealthPOINT partners with ClearDATA to provide penetration testing for the healthcare industry

Dakota State University’s HealthPOINT has been chosen by ClearDATA Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cloud computing and infrastructure services for the healthcare industry, to provide penetration testing services, an essential security testing component.  The partnership combines HealthPOINT’s expertise with ClearDATA’s distribution channel and customer base.

This partnership allows HealthPOINT, an extension of DSU’s Center for Advancement of Health IT (CAHIT), to establish a business component that will provide ongoing revenue to sustain its business model past grant funding. It also puts testers in close contact with graduate students performing applied research in information systems, health informatics and information assurance at Dakota State. This close proximity will also likely lead to future research possibilities related to information security and penetration testing in healthcare.

“Our affiliation with Dakota State University provides known and respected experts to consult in developing world class testing services that are comprehensive, accurate and nondestructive,” said Dan Friedrich, director of HealthPOINT. “The relationship with ClearDATA enables HealthPOINT to plan and build a revenue based business model that can sustain our mission of assisting South Dakota providers adopt electronic medical records.” All testing will be conducted from CAHIT’s offices located in Madison, S.D.

ClearDATA and HealthPOINT will be able to offer penetration testing to all the Regional Extension Centers (REC) as a service they can offer to their providers. ClearDATA delivers the services through its US HealthCare Compliance division which provides HIPAA risk assessment and compliance services to the healthcare industry, including RECs, as part of their IT consulting services.

“Since our priority is maximum data security for clients, we actively seek out and employee the best methods possible to maintain HIPAA-based standards,” said David Jemmette, ClearDATA’s Chief Technology Officer. “HealthPOINT brings stringent processes and expertise to penetration testings, and allows us to add another element of confidence to our customers.”

HealthPOINT and ClearDATA will collaborate to provide services that can then be sold by the REC to their providers, creating an incremental revenue stream. ClearDATA’s security services are delivered through its US Healthcare Compliance (USHC) Division which provides meaningful use related security risk assessment services, privacy consulting and security risk remediation services.

Last Updated: 3/2/12