“Drawing from the Inside” by Heather Lembcke at First Bank & Trust Gallery

The First Bank and Trust Gallery at the Karl E. Mundt Library announces its newest exhibition currently on display until Oct. 4th, “Drawing from the Inside” by LA artist Heather Lembcke. The opening reception will be held Monday, Oct. 1st from 5:30 p.m. until 7:00 p.m.Ink drawing

Lembcke work features Sumi Ink drawings, which according to her artist’s statement, encapsulates what is most essential to her creative process. “There is no primary sketch, no room for over thinking or reworking mistakes. There is only the act of creation in its most immediate sense. It requires total focus and an absolute surrender to line and form. My memory and perception of nature are my only guides as I never refer to photography and do not work on location,” says Lembcke via her artist’s statement.

Lembcke makes it a mission to travel to and be in nature as much as possible, in spite of living in the most industrial areas of Los Angeles. From China’s National parks that inspired Taoist poets and painters to Yosemite National Park that defined the Sublime for early American landscape painters. She returns to nature and the peace that she finds there through the act of making art.

Lembcke will be present at the opening and closing receptions for the exhibition. You can find more on her work at http://cargocollective.com/heatherlembcke.

Last Updated: 9/13/12