DSU International Programs expands educational opportunities to Panama

Dakota State University’s Office of International Programs recently announced a new opportunity for students to travel abroad while studying international business and Latin culture in Panama. This faculty led program will help students or anyone who wishes to participate in this experience achieve a global perspective in business and marketing, as well as Spanish.

The faculty-led program serves as an introduction to the complex issues that are involved in international marketing as well as Latin culture within Panama. Students focus on examining and evaluating marketing conditions and strategies associated with the Panamanian market. The program allows students to experience first-hand the marketing techniques outside of the U.S. market and to meet with local business representatives. Students may elect to take this course for business or Spanish credit. Assistant marketing professor, Dr. Deb Tech, leads students through the class where they receive 1-4 credits for completing the program. The program will be held over winter break, December 27, 2012 through January 4, 2013.

“Understanding the effects of global business is emphasized within DSU’s business curriculum due to the impact it has on the U.S. in a variety of ways,” states Tech.  The Office of International Programs and business faculty selected Panama due to its importance in global business and transportation which focuses on cargo transport through the Panama Canal. “There has also been increased importance in tourism with U.S. visitors being one of the largest groups of visitors in Panama,” explains Tech, “along with the emergence of the nation becoming a retirement option for the U.S.’s aging population.”


This unique, educational program is open to all DSU students or anyone who has an interest in learning more about Panama, global business and the Spanish language.  Those who elect to go on the tour must be registered for corresponding class credits. For more information on this or any other of the faculty-led programs at DSU, please contact the Office of International Programs at http://dsu.abroadoffice.net or email at international@dsu.edu

Last Updated: 5/21/12