Tree to Trojan: Woodcarver creates new attraction on campus

Forget marble, bronze or clay, Dakota State University’s mascot has been brought to life on the campus in the form of wood.  This week Brad Hodne, of Hodne Chainsaw Carvings, recently finished a woodcarving of the DSU Trojan that will be the new attraction on campus.

Hodne formed the almost 8 foot tall Trojan from the stump of a tree that blew down recently in a storm. The Trojan will greet visitors coming from all sides of campus and will join the statue of General Beadle as an iconic DSU symbol.

Hodne starting the carving


Carving continues

Hodne keeps carving

More carving action

Final Trojan

Thanks to Austin Slaughter, DSU Admissions, and Ben Gearhart, DSU Physical Plant,  for the photos!

Last Updated: 6/20/12