DSU students create public art installation

Dakota State University instructor Angela Behrends's ART123 3-D Design students worked feverishly at the end of the 2013 fall semester to complete a public sculpture installation project for the entrance of the Mundt Foundation, located in the Mundt Library on the DSU campus. Using only discarded books borrowed from the Mundt Library, their task was to create a site-specific sculptural installation that bridged DSU's history and technology mission.

Their process in creating the installation began with brainstorming and research. The students measured the installation space, carried books from the library to the classroom, drew concept sketches, proposed and analyzed ideas, made maquettes (scale models) of their proposals, and settled upon an idea. Finally, they carried the books back to the library and began constructing the sculpture. 

The students chose RGB as the project's theme. RGB stands for red, green, and blue, the primary colors of light and is the color model for electronic media like tablets, scanners, and monitors. RGB also happens to have a physiological relationship to our perception of color, since we have red, green, and blue receptor cone cells in our retinae. 

Books were the chosen material for the project, not only because they were available to borrow, but also because they represent traditional information technology, the printed word. They refer to the education mission at DSU and speak to the history of the institution. 

Behrends was grateful for the opportunity her students had to complete the project. “Special thanks go out to Bonnie Olson, Ethelle Bean, Rose Brinkman, Charlene Fischer, and the Mundt Library staff for their support of this project.”


Last Updated: 12/26/13