Last Chance for Animals Inspires Animal Advocacy Design at DSU

For the first time, the college classroom is bringing animal advocacy to the stage as a design element. Alan Montgomery, Professor at Dakota State is teaching a section of 2D Computer Graphics design this semester. Mr. Montgomery, a native of Northern Ireland, moved to the United States as a young teen, and brought his global perspective as an artist and designer.

“Animal advocacy is a global issue”, Montgomery says, “how we treat animals and how we raise animals has impacts far beyond our geographic borders”. “As an educator and as an artist, I believe learning has to be tied to large ideas and topical issues”. “By introducing students to LCA I recognized that here was an opportunity to involve my students as designers via specific causes and campaigns that are real and are of great importance to all of us. "The HBO/LCA documentary “Dealing Dogs” was a starting point for our discussions in terms of how graphic communications could advance a specific cause or campaign”.

The class was instructed to use Last Chance for Animals, as a model advocacy group – Each design company/team had to select a campaign from LCA’s site and produce campaign materials and create a visual identity for the fictitious non-profit activist group with whom their selected campaign was connected. The team worked together to create a cohesive “design solution” for client and campaign. The goal is to engage students in a process that extends beyond the scope of the class.

LCA is helmed by Chris DeRose, the former Hard Copy reporter, who started his career as an actor and left a promising career to fight vivisection in 1984. DeRose is thrilled that DSU students are focusing on animal advocacy. “The trend is turning towards advocacy and it is vital to acknowledge the enthusiasm of the folks who will be out there designing and marketing and shaping the world to come towards kindness to animals” DeRose commented.

The presentations will be held on May 1 from 1pm – 3pm in TCB 111 Classroom location on the DSU campus–820 North Washington Avenue, Madison, South Dakota. LCA will be attending the presentations through SKYPE. Members of the press are invited to attend for a final selection of the best presentation.

Last Updated: 4/29/13