DSU enrollment up for the fall

Dakota State University released another year of record enrollment numbers for Fall 2013 today (Tuesday, September 24) with modest gains in both headcount and total full-time equivalent enrollment. Student headcount at DSU gained slightly from last year, increasing from 3,110 to 3,129. Total full-time equivalent (FTE) enrollment increased slightly from 1727.7 to 1740.6, a .75 percent increase from Fall 2012.

“Our enrollment gains, though modest this year over last, have been because of the excellent work we are doing with retaining current students and recruiting new students,” said DSU President, Dr. David Borofsky.  “Our faculty, staff and administrators have all been a part of building relationships with our students.  Students have responded well to the programs we have created to increase retention and the Enrollment Management staff did a great job recruiting new students.  2013-14 will be another exciting year at DSU!”

The retention rates from freshmen to sophomore year increased from 59.9% Fall 2012 to 69.3% Fall 2013 due to significant initiatives to create relationships. These relationships are one of the reasons why students say they stay at DSU. 

Total headcount at the six public universities was 36,365, down just 65 students from last year.

The number of full-time equivalent students for the Fall 2013 term—based on total credit hours generated by all students within the regents’ system—increased by 313.3 students to a total of 26,781.7, or 1.18 percent.

“Full-time equivalent students are an important indicator of growth for us,” said Jack Warner, the regents’ executive director and CEO. “It tells us that we serve more students who take a heavier course load toward completion of their degree programs. Along with last week’s news that we have seen stronger, double-digit growth in the number of students graduating from South Dakota public universities, we certainly consider this a positive trend,” Warner said.

Last Thursday, the Board of Regents announced that the total number of students graduating with an associate or bachelor degree at the six public universities increased by 33 percent since 2005.

Last Updated: 9/24/13