Dakota State University to acquire Health Edventure

Dakota State University (DSU) and Education Resource Center (ERC) of South Dakota are happy to announce that DSU will be acquiring Health Edventure, the very popular K-12 health and career literacy web site. DSU will also acquire all associated learning materials from Health Edventure with the intent of expanding the availability of the materials to other states across the nation.

“DSU has been associated with this project since 2005, and the program has had such a positive impact in the schools in S.D.,” said Dan Friedrich, director of DSU’s Center for Advancement of Health IT (CAHIT.) “It is time to let schools in other states have the opportunity to get access to the resources that S.D. schools have been using for several years.”  

ERC Executive Director Marsha Kucker states, “This has been an evolving partnership from the beginning, and we are very happy that DSU will be leading the effort going forward.” 

The Health Edventure site promotes health literacy in K-12 schools with a combination of web and print resources for students, teachers and parents. Cross-curriculum materials are designed to promote healthy habits while students are learning core subjects like math, science, geography and language arts. A special 4th grade series called “SD Road Trip” is in use by 6,400 4th grade students in S.D. 

“This program fits well within the mission of the University,” says Stacy Krusemark, VP of Business & Administrative Services at DSU. “With our college of education, computer graphics programs, and our emphasis on technology and health information, it just makes sense that we expand this project.” 

The project will continue to be developed at DSU under the direction of Friedrich and will be available outside S.D. in the near future.


About DSU

Dakota State University is an accredited not-for-profit South Dakota public university located in Madison, S.D. DSU has been recognized regionally and nationally as a leader in the integration of technology in the learning experiences of all our students.


About ERC

The Education Resource Center of South Dakota is a private non-profit organization formed for the purpose of providing educational services and resources to schools in the state. The main project of the Center is HealthEDventure.org, a health and wellness education online curriculum that is made available free of charge to students, parents, and teachers in South Dakota.

Last Updated: 3/13/13