DSU doctoral student featured on information management website

Information Management, a website dedicated to serving the information technology and business community, features an article by DSU doctoral student, Michael A. Tomasura. The article, “Big Data Changed the Way We Think About Data Warehousing,” discusses how new expectations from organizations have changed the demand for data.

In the article, Tomasura discusses the current status of big data, how it is housed and what best practices are for future data storage. A new mindset has changed architects disposition on traditional data warehousing and forced them to rethink and question these best practices. 

“Trade-offs are needed,” states Tomasura in the article, “and the best solution for the new generation of data warehouses may depend more on organization needs than on the technology or data warehousing practices.” 

Tomasura is currently finishing up his dissertation research at DSU for his doctor of science in information systems under associate professor of information systems, Dr. Surendra Sarnikar. The research led Tomasura to develop a new multi-perspective and inter-disciplinary approach for the design of Business Intelligence Systems. The system uses a collaborative process to enhance the design process of database models.   

“Better decisions from big data doesn’t just mean we need  more powerful computers, but larger productivity gains that can, in fact, be realized by better processes for understanding decision making needs and developing the right data and data models to address those needs,” states Sarnikar. 

“Michael’s research in this area benefits from his extensive industry experience as he is able to blend academic research with industry needs through the application of theory and rigorous research techniques to solve challenging problems faced in IT and data warehousing practice.” 

Tomasura is a systems analyst with 14 years of experience in information systems with half of that experience being in data warehousing and business intelligence. His educational background includes an AAS in Information Systems Technology from Luzerne County Community College, a BS in Computer Information Systems from King’s College and a MS in Management Information Systems from Marywood University. 

Tomasura’s other published works include: 

- A paper titled "A Multi Perspective Inter-disciplinary Communication System for Business Intelligence System Design and Development" co-authored by Dr. Sarnikar and presented at the annual meeting of the 43rd Decision Sciences Institute Annual Meeting, San Francisco Marriot, San Francisco, CA 

- A paper titled "Enhanced BI Design Processes with a Multi-Perspective Collaboration Tool.” co-authored by Dr. Sarnikar and presented at The Twelfth Workshop on E-Business (WEB 2013) Chicago, IL 

The Information Management article can be found at: http://www.information-management.com/news/big-data-changed-the-way-we-think-about-data-warehousing-10024849-1.html

Last Updated: 10/9/13