2nd Annual “Taste of Hunger Banquet” is Jan. 22nd

One out of every eight individuals are food insecure, and 14.6% of individuals live at or below the poverty line in S.D., according to Feeding South Dakota, a hunger relief organization fighting to eliminate hunger in S.D.

For an opportunity to learn more about hunger and poverty in S.D., Dakota State University students and surrounding community members are invited to experience the 2nd Annual Taste of Hunger Banquet on Tuesday, Jan. 22nd, at 6:00 p.m. in the Trojan Center Underground on the DSU campus. Participants are encouraged to bring a canned donation for the Lake County Food Pantry.

The highly interactive dinner is provided free to attendees, while the seating arrangement and meal served are randomly assigned based on economic positions: upper, middle and lower class. Just as in real life, some are born into relative prosperity and others into poverty. The Taste of Hunger Banquet gives attendees the opportunity to reflect on what poverty and hunger means in their part of the world.

Guest speakers will share their stories of hunger and poverty in S.D., and Sandy Champion, DSU’s instructor of music and director of music programs, will MC the event. Children are welcome!

 “The banquet is sponsored through Oxfam and is a national effort – Last year was our first here, and we had fantastic input, attendance and feedback!” stated Jennifer Aranda, DSU’s director of diversity.

The engaging event is sponsored by the DSU College of Arts and Sciences, DSU English Club, DSU2, DSU GSA Club, DSU Office of Diversity Services and the DSU Hunger Banquet Planning committee.

For questions, please contact the Office of Diversity Services at (605) 256-7347 or jennifer.aranda@dsu.edu. For more information about Oxfam and the national effort, go to http://actfast.oxfamamerica.org/index.php/events/banquet.

Last Updated: 1/18/13