DSU offers HyFlex MBA: a new delivery format providing ultimate flexibility

Dakota State University now offers a master’s of business administration in a HyFlex format allowing for a more flexible participation schedule for students. With this unique delivery method, students may choose to attend the face-to-face classes at University Center Sioux Falls or online without any disruption in learning. The HyFlex model allows the option to virtually attend face-to-face classes via an asynchronous format, recorded video or audio, or synchronous format with real-time technology.

The uniqueness of the synchronous, real-time format provides a more socially interactive online learning experience than traditional online courses. The ability to attend via real-time video conferencing software creates an immersive environment for those students who prefer that method over an all asynchronous online program, while maintaining the flexibility of not attending a face-to-face course.

“The flexibility of DSU’s  MBA is unique in that it adapts to the student’s individual learning style and schedule” said Dr. Deb Tech, assistant professor of marketing at DSU. “We accommodate those students that learn best in the classroom, either face-to-face or via video conferencing technology, as well as provide a convenient online option for those students whose schedule doesn’t allow for real-time learning.”

DSU is one of the first universities in the region to offer the HyFlex delivery method. By incorporating new technology for delivery formats, DSU is able to respond to student demand.  With many students taking classes in addition to a full-time job and family commitments, a HyFlex program will better serve students looking to enroll in the MBA program and maintain their current lifestyle. The HyFlex format will allow students the ability to attend a face-to-face class if they choose, but will not limit them to one type of course delivery method through-out the program. 

Find out more information on the HyFlex MBA at www.dsu.edu/mba, or contact Dr. Deb Tech at deb.tech@dsu.edu or 605-256-5173.

Last Updated: 11/22/13