book_coverDakota State University professors edit book

Two DSU professors Dr. Surendra Sarnikar, associate professor of information systems, and Dr. Dorine Bennett, associate professor and director of health information management programs, along with Dr. Mark Gaynor, associate professor of health management and policy at Saint Louis University, edited a book entitled “Cases on Healthcare Information Technology for Patient Care Management.”

The 349 page book was written for health IT professionals and students to provide an understanding of the process, challenges faced and lessons learned in the implementation, application and adoption of health information technologies. The use of such technology has increased the importance of health information technology studies.

The book, released in Dec. 2012, highlights the importance of understanding the potential challenges and lessons learned from past technology implementations. The collection of case studies spans a wide variety of health care organizations from large health care systems to small independent rural health care centers, and describes a wide range of health information technologies.

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Last Updated: 1/15/13