* Zakariya Syed is a penetration tester with HealthPoint, which is part of Dakota State University in Madison, S.D. 


Tales from an Ethical Hacker: How I Can Get into Your Secure Health IT Infrastructure


Cyber space's good guys will work longer hours in 2014 than any prior year to protect your identity, in spite of your breach fatigue. The anticipated seven million newly insured people entering the health care system will provide expanded attack surface for breaches; just one more source of emerging cyber threats penetrating your infrastructure, according to Experian's 2014 Data Breach Industry Forecast

"Healthcare is a gold mine for attackers," says an ethical hacker named Zakariya Syed, one of two presenters for Tales from an Ethical Hacker, a FREE webinar offered by Physicians EHR, Inc and HealthPOINT on March 27, 2014, 3:00 PM ET. "Hackers don't care about your medical condition, they want your data." Zakariya has been called upon to test small provider offices to very large healthcare systems because of his skill at finding combinations of vulnerabilities.

Joining Zakariya is Lizabeth LehrKamp, an FBI Special Agent, Cyber Human Intelligence Agent/InfraGard Coordinator, who will tackle key security issues such as:

  • Why Healthcare as part of our country's "Critical Infrastructure" is a gold mine for hackers
  • How hackers have changed their approach for 2014
  • What are they looking for, and what will they do with it?
  • What should your organization do to protect itself in 2014?
  • What are the pros and cons of free or low cost penetration software?

SA Lehrkamp and Zakariya also provide guidance on what to do when a hacker has exploited your system vulnerabilities and turned your computers into robots.


  • IT Directors and IT Consultants
  • Network Administrators
  • Chief Security Officers
  • Chief Information Officers
  • Practice Administrators


Zakariya Syed received a Masters in Information Assurance with a specialization in Cyber Security. He currently leads the penetration-testing department at HealthPoint Security-Division in South Dakota. His work involves creating security courses/trainings and tiered penetration testing for healthcare IT; His research interests include penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, forensic analysis, exploitation, and malware. Besides serving as the lead penetration tester at HealthPoint, he also guest lectures at King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia and conducts security trainings/workshops/lectures nationally and internationally. Previously, Zakariya worked as an entrepreneur providing computer hardware and network solutions in the Gulf. Certifications:ISO 9000 (QMS-Auditor), A+, N+, TCNA  (Tenable certified Nessus Auditor)

Lizabeth LehrKamp is a FBI Special Agent, Cyber Human Intelligence Agent/InfraGard Coordinator. SA Lehrkamp entered on duty with the FBI in February 2005 and was assigned to    the Newark field office where she investigated Organized Crime and then moved on to investigating Cyber crime. In September 2010, Liz was transferred to the Minneapolis field office and was assigned to the Human Intelligence squad working cyber matters. In May 2011 Liz took over as the InfraGard Coordinator for the Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota Chapters. Liz received her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Clarkson University and is a member of Society of Women Engineers. Prior to her appointment with the FBI, Liz was employed in technical sales and application engineering.



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Last Updated: 3/18/14