Outreach Services

Dakota State University reaches out to the community to provide services and expertise. This outreach has assisted a number of companies, educational institutions, and government entities. These services include, but are not limited to, the K-12 Data Center which provides various services to the school districts of South Dakota and the Center for the Advancement of Health Information Technology which provides services to healthcare providers and other health IT related entities or initiatives. Outreach Services typically offers student employment and/or internship opportunities.

Center for the Advancement of Health Information Technology (CAHIT)



K-12 Data Center

The K-12 Data Center helps educational entities to enhance their technology. The Center offers technology services to South Dakota's K-12 educational community including public schools, tech schools, cooperatives, multi-districts, etc. The Center provides consistent, cost-effective services including email and calendars, email list services, web hosting, course management, streaming media, a help desk for the schools, and more.

Last Updated: 3/2/12